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Fund Raising Rotary Style

I recently asked Eric Robinson to share some of his thought and experiences about the fundraising activities that the Rotary Club of Wiarton undertakes each year and the purpose of these activities.

Eric responded: “For the last number of years I have had the pleasure and duty of serving as the Chairman of fundraising for our club. As a result of this role, I also sit on the Executive of our Club. Wiarton Rotary has a lengthy background in serving others especially here at home in our community. We have a number of fundraisers that we do each year that allows us to help here in our community.

We use all of the funds raised from these events to put financial resources back into our local community and to help out with International projects important to Rotary International. We cover a lot in terms of being aware of the needs of the community and trying hard to put money where it counts most. We usually support existing groups who are in local community like the Salvation Army, Community Living Association, Literacy, Scouts, 4_H, Hospice Services, Seniors transportation and social events. We give funds to help youth in our local school with Scholarships and  support events for youth in need.

For a small club we are considered by many to be a very active club. We get things done, we make a difference. We “do good in the world”  and especially in our local community. I joined Rotary to give back and have found the Wiarton Rotary Club to be a great social addition to my life as well as very satisfying way to help others.”

We have four major fundraisers each year.

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Interact Club at PSDS ends another successful year

The Phoenix Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wiarton, brings together young people ages 12-18 as a service club to help make a difference in their school, community and the world. The projects students undertake and their fund raising activities, the club members develop leadership skills, ownership in both issues and solutions and a sense of community. The club meets monthly during the school year at Peninsula Shores District School (PSDS).

Each year Rotary Club of Wiarton hosts one (sometimes two) Saturday afternoon workshops where the Interactors engage in various activities. In the past they have involved presentations by other service groups and Rotary exchange students. Youth actively select their own international and local service projects as well as many fun and recreational activities.

In the recent past, Phoenix Interact Club Service projects have included:

-Random Acts of Kindness including handing our valentines at the local seniors home and providing cookies for all the staff and students at PSDS

-Installation of a Water Refill station at PSDS (covered 50% of the cost)

-Packed Christmas Hampers at the Salvation Army

-Electronic waste collection

-Setting up and taking down the craft booths at the PSDS Wiarton Willie Craft Show

-Cultural exchange with Interact Club Itabira Brazil District 4520

-purchasing the clubs 7th Shelter Box

The Club was started by Rotarian Mike Mason 7 years ago. Trevor Hathaway will be leading the students next year. Please contact us if you or your child would like more information about the Phoenix Interact Club.