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Nawash Library Book Purchase

Nawash Librarian Daphne Johnston displays books that were purchased as part of a Wiarton Rotary Club Grant of $5000 for new book purchases in 2018-9.


Your Help Needed

If you are reading this, then you are not part of the problem. But, you may be part of the

Many children are growing up around us lacking the ability to read.
The Rotary Club of Wiarton has supported the Salvation Army to operate a Community
Literacy program each Monday night from 4 – 6 PM.

We are using modern computer programs to help our youngsters bring their reading skills up to an appropriate level.
But we need adults to sit with the students to make sure they are progressing in their skill

You do not need special teaching or computer skills. You just need to be able to
volunteer some of your precious time for an hour or two once a month to have a lasting
affect on our future adults.
For more information, contact Tess Ayles, 519-534-0353