2017 Rotarian of the Year

Al has been a hard working Rotary member since 1950. During those 67 years, he was President of the club 1961-62. Highlights of his participation include Secretary and Chair of the Arena Committee. Al has continued his service on seniors, membership, literacy and community development committees to name a few.

Al has participated in countless hands-on-projects. One of these was the “Save the Train Station” campaign, and if you ask, he can tell you how the building got to where it is now in Bluewater Park. A project he remembers fondly is taking the old beds out of the old Wiarton hospital packing them in Tractor Trailer, then sending them off to Mexico where they were used to furnish a hospital. 

Other projects include building the original playground boat and Boardwalk in Bluewater Park, and outfitting the Jimmy Brown Playground on George St. with playground equipment. As part of the Wiarton Rotary Club, he also started the Wiarton Community Choir along with Betty Richie. It continues to be a strong presence 50 years later. 

Al worked hard to raise money for Easter Seals using Snowarama/Skiarama as the vehicle. It was not unusual to raise $70,000 dollars in a weekend. 
Al has been involved in the Rotary Village fair for his entire rotary career. For many years, his wife Shirley and their 3 children ran the Pie booth. Al championed the corn booth for a number of years. Even to the point of picking the corn at Seebok Gardens.

Al has also served as Wiarton town councillor for 2 terms.  It is hard to capture every moment of the life of a long-time Rotarian. Yet, Al is the perfect example of how a life of community service has changed our town in ways that has touched many, many people.  He is a “Person of Action” and it is our Club’s honour to recognize him as our Rotarian of the Year.


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